Ourwey.com is an online employee portal designed for Weyerhaeuser's employees that specifically allows to find the information relevant to internal sources, company news and information, myGuide, etc.

If you're a current employee for Weyerhaeuser roots, you can able to access internal resources such as SSL VPN, Microsoft Office 365, email and schedule, myTraining, My Apps, Password self service, and more. In addition to these, it helps to access employee benefits such as office depot, Premera, Vanguard, Weyerhaeuser store, and Mydiscount.

Ourwey.com Benefits

Outlook Web Access (OWA): Outlook web access tool helps the employees to access their email and calendars from outside internet locations such as library, home, airport terminals, another Weyerhaeuser unit, etc. If you want to access your email and calendar, you will require a company network account and password. 

Secure Remote Access: It provides employees to access from home to the same email or calendar applications, file shares, and other services that they've on their computers at work. For accessing your computer, you will need a company network account including user name and password. 

Citrix: It lets the employees to access internal resources that they have permissions to and from outside the company network subsuming intranet, work computers, and internal applications. If you want to access Citrix, you will need a company network account and password. 

Ourwey MyGuide: MyGuide will be allowed to access directly to myGuide employees and manager services for payroll, benefits, personal info updates, password self-service, and more. 

Weyerhaeuser Ourwey MyGuide Login

Weyerhaeuser's Ourwey allows the employees to access MyGuide to gain different kinds of benefits such as payroll, personal info updates, and other employee benefits. Before accessing Ourwey MyGuide Login, you can follow below instructions such as:
  • Go to official website address www.ourwey.com from your preferred web browser. 
  • Once you've entered into the home page, you need to provide login credentials information including user name and password on respective fields. 
  • After entering all these entails, click on login button to access all available benefits like view compensation information, managers tools, payroll data, password self-service, and much more. 

Ourwey Employee Benefits

The main goal of the company is to create a thriving and inclusive work environment where all employees can experience a growth, feel valued for the customers, and get rewarded for results. Benefits included money in your pocket, a healthy family, and a talented team. 

Under money in your pocket, you can able to get access a wide range of advantages such as performance based variable pay, annual incentives, competitive base pay, and company match for retirement plans. To save money, it offers you different kinds of plans that included healthcare savings accounts, retirement plans, business travel insurance, adoption support, and other employee discounts. 

In addition to these, it creates an environment to get healthy team for its employees. For that, it facilitates various programmes such as free Tobacco Cessation support, free health assessments and resources, employee assistance program, work site health and wellness programs, short and long term disability coverage, paid time off, comprehensive medical and dental coverage, and flu immunization programs.